Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen

Serie 2019

Duration: 12 episodes, each ±30 minutes 

Assistent set dresser


It's a drama serie which also includes a lot of humor.

Hendrik Groen  lives in a nursing home where everything goes very strictly. There is little freedom, a strict director Stelwagen and many nagging elderly people. Together with his friend Evert, he makes the first plans to do some fun things because they are old but not dead yet. They move into the city together with a group of other residents of the nursing home, much to the dismay of the management and the nursing staff, who try to stop them as much as possible.

I followed my internship at this dutch serie - from the director Tim Oliehoek-  in 2019. 

For me the first time working on a big set.

A few weeks before the shooting started I worked with the art departement on building the sets and get to know the locations. 

After that we filmed the serie in ± 3 months, working as an assistent set dresser together with Lorien Mouyal. 

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Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, Directed by Tim Oliehoek

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thumbnail_Schermafbeelding 2019-05-07 om
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